Survivor China

So, she went to sleep without a peep last night, even if she was having tons of fun 15 minutes before. I knew it was too good to be true...

Comes 3 AM. Mwaaah! Mwaaah!

Get up.
Give her a rag.
Go back to bed.

Mwaaah! Mwaaah!

Huh? What now? She usually goes right back to sleep!

Well, she didn't this time. Just stayed awake. And had to be in my arms. No play, no interaction, no trying to get my attention. Just wanted to be in my arms...

So, I rocked her standing, the usually most efficient way to calm her down. For a good hour... She still had her eyes wide open and the screams ready to go if I so much as put her down in her crib, thinking she had finally dozed off. My arms were hurting so bad, I started thinking about that challenge they had on Survivor once, where they had to hang on to a big pole with a bear-like hug until they collapsed. But it's now 4h30 AM and I can't do this much longer!

So, I bought myself a little immunity: I took her to bed with me.

She was out in 5 minutes flat.

And the smile this morning when she saw me! As if I had given her the world.

Got to do some serious rethinking here...

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Beverly a dit…

We still co sleep. I am already re-thinking it. I think it was necessary at first but now I am dying from lack of sleep. I hear everything Glenys does. But she needs me and I miss her in her own bed too. I can't encourage one way or the other. Yummy is adorable.


Gen, Eric & Kyle a dit…

I loved co-sleeping with Kyle, but we stopped when he started moving around...I don't know what it would be like with a 1 year old but I still sleep with Kyle if he is sick. Yummy needed extra hugs last night!!! Hoping tonight is better...
P.S. Thanks for the recipe!!!!

Tori a dit…

It's a slippery slope! XX was doing fine until a few months ago and then ... down I slid.
So delicious to have that little body there, and wonderful not to get up every hour (like I was doing), but I'm definitely not sleeping as well as before. Only for a few short months (years?) though. I hope!
Yummy is adorable. Congratulations!