Happy Holidays!

So, it's already the 26th... Merry belated Christmas to all!

What a difference a baby makes on Christmas... This was definitely the busiest, sweetest, happiest, most fullfilling, most chaotic Christmas ever! Heck, I'm a mom!!! THAT is still sinking in... Even after preparing Christmas Eve dinner with a baby hanging to my pants, which was definitely a challenge. And sipping champagne on Christmas night with a hyper, curious, determined overtired little one was definitely not the same... Still, I wouldn't change anything! October 8th was the day I received the best present ever.

Yummy turned one year old on Chrismas Eve, and decided to offer us a good night sleep. Hurrah! She's also officially entered the toddler phase, with a few (small) tantrums when refused something, and a definite mind of her own. We've got new challenges ahead! :o)

We're in Quebec City right now, for a few days at my father in-law's. Hello walks in Old Quebec and on the Plains of Abraham! And hello good wines, foie gras (we're French, it's not illegal here...) and relaxed afternoons.

Enjoy the holidays!

3 commentaires:

Beverly a dit…

Beautiful card.


Jeff and Michelle a dit…

What a beautiful daughter you have! Have a wonderful new year with her!

Susie & Gordie a dit…

Happy belated birthday to Yummy, Merry Christmas and have a fab time in Quebec City!