The "S" post


The one nap a day seems to be helping going to sleep: no big crisis in the last few days! Yay!
And I only had to get up ONCE last night! At 2h30 AM. I can definitely live with once...

Afternoon update: OK, maybe a little crisis here and there...


Sooooo much snow outside! And of course, this is THE year we won't ski as much... :o(((
I went for a walk yesterday and today, with Yummy in the backpack as they have yet top clean the sidewalks here: I had never seen such big snowbanks in Montreal! It's crazy! We walked on a bike path that also serves as a sidewalk (which was thankfully cleaned), and the snowbanks were up to my hips!

After Sunday's storm, my poor car was buried, and we had to move it this morning: the snowsuit went over the pyjamas, and we sat Yummy in a snowbank while we shovelled. She was fine, and got a treat after, as I took her for some wild spins in the in the small sleigh we got her. Even with the mitts and the 3 layers of clothing, she managed to sign "more" and "more" and "more"!

Afternoon update: we got the car out for NOTHING: there was no snowplow in sight all day! And S couldn't even leave the island this morning, the traffic was just too horrendous! This is getting ridiculous: if there was an emergency, an ambulance couldn't even make it here, as there is only one way in or out...


She has recently started to cuddle up to us when we say "collé-collé", and is doing it more lately. THAT is worth many, many sleepless nights... :o)))


Got to write down the recipe for the cookies I'm taking to my very first cookie party tonight! We'll even get to taste them all: let the holiday weight gain begin early this year! :o)

For years now, I've been making the family recipes, doubling and tripling everything to give boxes to everyone. I started it the year my mom decided she had done enough, which I think was back in 87 or 88... So I made this one kind, thinking that it was a great idea to make just one and exchange. But now, I'm thinking I might make a few of the most "famous" ones... Single recipes...


There has been so much more of those in our house since we came back from China! Oh, we had a great life "before baby", but now, she just cracks us up with everything she does, and the sometimes overwhelming cuteness she shows... Love it!

One of her cute things now is to go "wouf" whenever she sees a dog, stuffed, in a picture, or real. She actually does it with the cats too... Too cute! We were at the grocery store this afternoon, her in the backpack, and I suddenly heard "wouf-wouf": there was a huge display of stuffed dogs! There was a mini-meltdown when I walked away towards the cashiers...


That all we want to do... Stand-stand-stand!!! In the living room hanging on to the couch, in the kitchen hanging on to my legs, in the dining room hanging on to the table leg, in the bathtub hanging on for dear life, it doesn't matter... Standing rules! We've had our first tumbles... and she still doesn't really crawl efficiently!

Speech and sounds

The girl wants to talk! And she does, oh does she ever... No one really understands anything, but the sounds are actually quite funny! Hence more smiles... :o)


Gotta go: time to get dinner ready!

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mortimersmom a dit…

Super! (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Beverly a dit…

She understands everything she is saying. cute picture.