Where's the off switch???

Well, we've had a whiny day... Whine whine whine!!!

Whine to eat.
Whine to stop eating.
Whine to get something.
Whine to get something else.
Whine because we can't crawl (oh, the frustration!).
Whine because we can't play with the phone.
Whine because mommy is dressing us to go outside.
Whine because mommy is dressing herself to take us outside.
Whine because we have to wear a hat.
Whine because the stroller stopped moving.
Whine because we're back and we have to get undressed.
Whine because we have to wait 12 seconds while mommy is taking her jacket off.

But thankfully, no whining before the (too short) afternoon nap...
For which she made up by crying for a good 10 minutes when she woke up...

Where's the off switch??? I've been looking all over, can't find it...

Daddy is feeding her now.

Mommy is "wining".... Wine wine wine!

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Susie & Gordie a dit…

Ha, ha, ha! Too funny! Sorry, I shouldn't laugh... I should commiserate with you.

Beverly a dit…

Yes no batteries to move either.


Beverly a dit…
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Beverly a dit…

Sorry the deleted post is mine my first comment posted twice.


Lyra's mom a dit…

Whining is always a sign of teeth coming for Lyra. She's currently cutting about 6, they come in big bunches and we get big whining for about a week. It shouldn't last too long. Baby tylenol helps! Happy Birthday to Yummy! Yay.

figlet a dit…

Oh dear. I wish I could tell you I've grown immune but alas, the whining still makes me mental. Have a glass of wine for me please.