An update

Well, my cute Yummy sure is keeping me busy! We've had some "firsts" this week, some of them making me miss my baby already... The girl is growing too fast!

She is now, very proudly may I add, doing a few signs, but only when we say the word. And even then, she sometimes confuses them, which is quite funny! We're still waiting for a spontaneous use. As I was typing this besides her, she very nicely accepted to do them all (and didn't miss any!) so that I could capture them. Here we go:


"Bye bye" (opening and closing her hands)


"How old are you?"

(That one we taught her to impress the family this week-end, as we are celebrating her birthday a month early, to make it more special than on Christmas Eve, which is her official birthday...)
(And since they read my French blog, I'm safe posting it here!)

She also signs "no" with her head, that one more and more appropriately. And she signs "yes", but only when she imitates us...

On the motor part of things, she is still pretty non efficient in moving herself, or going from lying to sitting on her own, but boy oh boy does she ever wish she could! Which brings much frustration... On the other hand, I'm in no rush to be running after her all day.

I was at my computer this morning, confident that she was playing safely and happily on the floor behind me, when I heard paper noise... and I knew she didn't have paper... I turned around to find her standing, playing with some papers on a trunk (favorite toy these days...) holding on with one hand to a very sharp corner! Obviously, I rescued her before grabbing the camera. I still deeply regret not getting that shot, even if would have been tough to explain the whole situation to the surgeon in doing the stiches at the hospital...

Also, she absolutely LOOOOOOVES books! I can even sometimes read besides her, as she keeps herself busy with her own books! Which is a good thing right now, as I was able to finish the 6th Harry Potter today, after re-reading the whole series before diving into the 7th. I've managed to stay away from any cue to the ending, so nobody says a word!

Another "first": we let her play with her yogurt bowl last night. As soon as I gave her the spoon, she dipped it in and started (not very efficiently...) feeding herself!

Then, I brought the Jell-O out: she dove in and fed herself some.

Right hand on the camera, left one ready to catch a flying plate of red goo...

Because of the storm yesterday, we stayed inside. There was no way we would do the same today, so I bundled her up, and off we went with the stroller to my favorite coffee place. She was pretty good, as I can now read 3-4 pages of a magazine interrupted by some attention and toy-collecting from the floor before we have to leave. We ran out of toys to play with (mental note: get some new toys for such outings...) so I gave her my wallet to play with. I was pretty sure it was a safe choice, because it closes with a zipper, until I heard a funny noise: my cards were being thrown on the floor, one by one... Somehow, she had managed to unzip it and was having a grand time emptying the pockets. I took it away. Crying ensued. We left...

3 commentaires:

Mutha a dit…

She's so far ahead when it comes to feeding herself. That's amazing! SHe's also picking up signs so quickly! The fact that she holds up her little finger to indicate 1 is so impressive. Such a smart girl.

RoLo a dit…

ahahah I love the photos of her eating the yoghurt and the jelly.

Beverly a dit…

Amazing how they learn so quickly to get to the important cards in the what used to be safe wallet. Best Toys Ever!