First overnighter!

I can't believe how fast the days and the weeks are flying by! We've been home a month now, and it feels like much longer than that.

Before the adoption trip, I read just about everything there was to read about adoption and attachement. Some rules were set, some were happily broken (let's just call it "informed instinct"), including that thing about quiet, calm and stability and blablabla when you first come home. We had guests or visited friends just about every day for the first two weeks! And this past week-end, we decided to go for it, be brave and bold, and travel to Quebec City for an overnight trip at grand-papa.

Yummy did amazingly well! At first, she was very curious and a bit cautious about the new environment, but quickly adapted and played and babbled and smiled. She woke up a few more times than usual at night and needed to be picked up, but really, that was it. And last night, in her own bed, she only woke up once, which she hadn't done in a while! Oh, and she slept most of the drive there and back, which we had strategically timed with her naps. Yay!

The girl wants to walk so desperately! Maybe she should learn to go from lying to sitting on her own first, or maybe even to crawl, but alas, the interest is still limited... it's easier to cry for mommy... which she is doing right now... after throwing herself on her back on the bed because it's fun...

"Walking" with a friend on Saturday night. Not quite ready yet... ;o)

We got treated to a show of "pole-dancing" with the breakfast counter chairs!

Putting those long fingers to good use...

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