Rythms and change

I just realized that I haven't written in 3 days... Whew! Time flies so much faster with a baby than when at work!!! Since Yummy, I'm never really sure what day or date it is, everything is kind of blending in together. I even wished a neighbour a good week-end today when she told me she was off to Quebec City!

I'm in awe at how busy a little 19-or-something pound person can keep you! Yummy is still doing great, and things are slowly getting into a nice rythm, which I know will change the minute we get use to it, unfortunately... Going to sleep is much easier (well, generally speaking....), and she "only" wakes up 2-4 times a night now, usually with one bottle at around 3AM. We're getting somewhat regular with naps, and I'm slowly organizing my life so that there's actually some time for MY life at some point in the day. Sometimes, like tonight, it's a choice between sleep and doing something for me, but I'd rather be sane and tired than depressed or grumpy but better rested...

Before I left for China, I got one of the best advices ever, from an experienced mom (let's just call her "genius"): she said "Remember that nothing is permanent", relating to what would happen in China. It helped tremendously on those first few crazy-scary-wonderful days. The real genius part is that it is still helping, and is actually slowly changing the way I see life. Adjusting to a new baby is tough work! But the more I remember that nothing is permanent, the easier everything gets, and the more I enjoy every moment with our wonderful baby.

Nothing is permanent... So, she went to sleep easily at naptime? Not so easy at bedtime!... She loved broccoli today? Forget it tomorrow, the love will be back Thursday or Friday... Woke up smiling, woke up crying, woke up smiling, woke up babbling, woke up crying... Stayed quiet in the car seat, screamed as if a tiger was chewing her leg in the car seat... These are the kind of rythms I'm getting used to, accepting and recognizing them as her way of growing up and coping with everything. Nothing is permanent indeed, and it's a good thing!

With dad, on a hike during my "half-day off" last Sunday

Loving books!

Corolle makes a wonderful chinese doll, which Yummy got as a gift

Oh, how I love that face!
And THAT is permanent! :o)

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