I saved a life today!

We're slowly getting used to being the center of attention everywhere we go, Yummy being so cute and all... But the comments, oh the comments! Most are well-meaning though, and we have yet to encounter anything too nasty, although we know it will come. S came close a few days ago, when an older man very bluntly asked him "how much she cost": S was taken aback until he realized the guy was talking about the stroller! :o)

Today, at the grocery store, the lady offering samples of some new bread "without fat or sugar" (how boring must it be...) came up to me, as I was waiting for my pastries "with lots of fat and sugar", and told me she adopted 18 years ago, and congratulated me on saving Yummy's life... I got my dessert, and took off with a smile, thinking that if it wouldn't have been us, there are now about 30 000 couples waiting to adopt from China who would have been quite willing to "save a life"...

S is going back to work on Monday, a week early, because he's very much needed at his work right now. He'll take another week off sometime before Christmas, and his boss had the supreme elegance to send me a very, very nice flower bouquet yesterday, thanking me for "lending them S"! For his last day off, yesterday was so gorgeous, we decided to go for a walk by the lake, in Oka and try the baby backpack, which our Yummy loved! It was kind of cold, but the light was absolutely gorgeous. Here are some pictures:

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