A little more real!

So, we will be flying on Oct. 5th, Montreal-Toronto-Beijing. From Beijing, we'll take another flight to Nanchang, and will be staying here for a week. Pretty sweet!

In theory, we'll have a rest day on Sunday then get the babies on Monday, although that could still be changed for Sunday. And we might only know it when we get there... That diaper bag will be ready before we leave Montreal!

All of a sudden, Thanksgiving is taking a whole new meaning...

On Oct. 13th, we will fly back to Beijing and stay here: a bit out of the way, but it looks pretty good to me: a few steps up from camping in the rain!

On Oct. 19th, we fly back: Beijing-Toronto-Montreal.
See you in the evening! :o)))

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gen a dit…

Those hotels look amazing!!! I am sure you would stay on a cot in a dorm if you had to but I am sure you will appreciate a nice space...