OK. We're ready. Can we go now?

We just watched a TV show about international adoption: good thing they didn't present it 6 months ago: the wait would have been even more excruciating!

An adoptive mom was saying how, between referral and travel, she kept thinking about her daughter, wondering if she was cold, if she was hungry, worrying about her. In my case, I've kind of naturally decided to trust that someone is taking care of Yummy right now, doing the best they can, and that she is fine. Could be denial, I don't know. I tend to think of it as survival... At the same time, there is a certainty to the whole adventure, a trust that things will fall into place, that she is our daughter, that she is absolutely perfect for us, and that we will meet her very soon. And that definitely helps with this last wait, with the stress of finishing everything at work, with all those changes happening right now in our lives, and those even bigger ones soon to happen.

And if I let go of this zen-like approach, I'll probably stop breathing or have a stroke or something, which would not be A Good Thing, so zen it is. For now.


On a more pragmatic note, we got our flight info today: they have booked us separately, on the extremity seats of the middle aisle, betting on the fact that the middle seat(s) might be empty, thus insuring us more space. The flight there is pretty full, but there are still over 100 open seats for the way back, so things might not end up being too bad after all!

Still, I've been drooling over the business class "suites" of the plane taking us to Beijing. Oh, how I wish we could afford the 5000$ per seat for those!!! Too bad we would have to sell the house first...

Instead, we'll be at the very back, where they don't even bother to say "chicken or beef" anymore when they get to you and just put the leftovers on your tray... I'm packing snacks!!!

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Mutha a dit…

I am so psyched for you! I cannot wait to read of your adventures. And yes, I drooled over Biz Class, too. Especially since we were seated ONE ROW behind them on the flight back. We watched as they reclined. We watched as they dined on much better food. We watched as they sipped wine. Actually, we did, too! For some reason, steerage had unlimited wine, too! Ooh I cannot wait for updates. Hope you blog often while in China!!

Susie & Gordie a dit…

We paid for Business Class with our Aeroplan points round trip but only our flight to China was confirmed and therefore flew first class. Way back was standby with first priority. Guess what? Try explaining that to the Chinese. We never got to sit in those pods as they call them even though we were entitled to them. Aeroplan has confirmed to us that we should have been given them. How frustrating!! We are now requesting a full refund of our points paid... let you know what happens.

Louanne a dit…

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by our blog and your sweet words about our cutie! You are going to have a great time in China, the flight home was much better for me since we had her and I wasn't so stressed. Hee hee. I hope to read about your adventures while on your trip.