A little unreal

So, we leave in a few weeks.

To China.
To meet our baby girl.
And to bring her back.

And as I type this, the whole deal still doesn’t feel real. Despite the endless piles of paperwork, despite the wait, despite the months of frustration, despite the pure joy and elation of the last few weeks, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that a baby will be handed to us and that will be it : bam! Instant family! Go back to your hotel room and start bonding.

Obviously, the mess in the house, the piles of baby stuff, the pink and green room, the basket of toys in the living room, the newly organized plastic dishes and cutlery in the kitchen, the overused credit card, the general mess we’ve been living in for the last few weeks are apparently not enough to make it feel real…

What do I need? A big tummy and a few stretch marks???

Still, I can’t wait! Can’t wait to meet her and to get to know her. Can’t wait to care for her, to hold her, to feed her, to play with her to rock her to sleep. Can’t wait to show her the world, and everything that she can be. Can’t wait to shake that balance we’ve created in the last few years, and learn new things about me and about us.

Can’t wait to see « us two » become « us three ».

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Kim a dit…

The truth is that it won't feel real for quite some time, even after you finally hold her in your arms. There are still days when, almost a year and a half later I look at my little Zhangshu wonder and cannot believe how lucky I am.

We wish you much happiness.

Kim in Chicago
AKA Ella's Mommy

Susie & Gordie a dit…

Hi Nat,

I'd like to e-mail you but I cannot seem to find your address. E-mail me at caralicui@yahoo.ca.