The "last" week-end

So, with the still missing TA's, was it really the "last" week-end of camping with two? Fortunately or not, we still don't know. So this was probably our 27th "last" trip of some sort "before baby"!

The whole thing started on a bad note, as the first-come-first-served campground we wanted to go to was full on Friday at 6PM! Now, with two, this wouldn't have been so bad. But some friends with two kids were to join us later that night, then another couple of friends were going to join us on Saturday night. And of course, everything else in a 100km radius was booked for the long week-end... We ended up meeting a really nice man who lent us his phone, then suggested a small campground a mile away. We got there to find out they had just given the last 2 sites away... A little bit of begging, a little bit of cajoling, and the owner let us check out his "overflow" section to see if we thought it was fine.

Fine? Yes, we thought we could manage! He brought us a table and a fire ring, and we were set for a fantastic week-end! Gorgeous weather, fun friends, cool kids, a bit of shopping, a bit of hiking, a lot of drinking (hey, no one was driving: just had to walk the 10 feet back to the tents!).

We made plans to start training Yummy in tent-sleeping: we'll practice in the living room this winter.

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mortimersmom a dit…

a "bit" of shopping... yeah, sure, I believe you!

Gen, Eric & Kyle a dit…

I can't wait to see pictures of your adorable baby girl in her sleeping bag "learing" how to get ready for camping with mommy and daddy...That will be so cute! Looks like you were very lucky and got a great camping spot.