Emotional shopping

It seems like "some" don't believe that I went to North Conway last week-end and only bought a t-shirt and a magazine. I did!!! Hey, my name is in that magazine: I participated to the telemark ski tests last March at Jay Peak, and they put 2 of my comments in the reviews. Yay!

I refrained myself from spending the rest of my child's inheritance, knowing that I was probably going to buy a new toy this week.

And I did.

Apple came out with a whole new line of iPods yesterday.
Mine is in the mail! :o)))

(My good old Mini died last month...)

Now, what TV series should we get for the trip to China? Any suggestions?
We've already covered 24, Lost and Grey's Anatomy...

5 commentaires:

mortimersmom a dit…

Weeds, Heroes, Top Chef.
Let me know what you want, I have everything in ipod format already!

Nat a dit…

Cool! :o)
I'll let you know when it arrives then!

Julie a dit…

West Wing, Mary Tyle Moore, Picket Fences, Frasier, to name a few I'm watching these days. :-)


Anonyme a dit…

My condolences on the loss of your Mini. I am currently making an adoption plan for mine as it will be too small when DD comes home. It is a newer model though. Interested? I would like it to go to a good home.


Nat a dit…

AW, send all the info. Then I'll have to put you on a waiting list. Maybe I'll review your file in 2-3 years. But be warned: anything fishy, and you're back at the end of the line. Then maybe I'll send you an offer a few more years later, but you won't know which month. Someone will call and tell you we found it a home. Then you'll have to wait some more for a permission to ship... ;o)