Don't try this at home

You might miss out the TV shows.

(For those who have been there and done it, does your brain ever come come back??? 'cause mine is quite mush right now...)

(And I'm not sure I want it back!)


3 commentaires:

mortimersmom a dit…

it comes back, but then, you meet her,..... and then, forget it! also, we put a pic on top of the TV too, and it's still there!

Susie & Gordie a dit…

You'll need to get a grip as once you get your TA, time starts ticking and quickly, I may add. Start getting ready... your time will be here soon!

Beverly a dit…

It never comes back. You now have mommy brain and no matter how hard you try, you will never remember anything again. Sorry, that is just part of it. Babies have the ability to suck the living brain cells out of your head.