Coming back to reality... what reality???

Well, we had a great week-end on Cloud Nine and in Maine. It's amazing how 3 small pictures can change your life so completely...

Besides the pictures, we also got her medical and developmental report. It was all done last April. The OT in me was quite happy to see that at 4 months, she was playing with a rattle, loved going outside in her nanny's arms, and was already afraid of strangers: good, it means she has attached to someone! Also, she was 3.5 kg at birth, and 6 kg on the pictures, which put her on the 50th percentile for chinese baby girls. Height was 25th percentile, and head circumference was 90th, so it all looks good so far!

We couldn't quite figure out if she is at the orphanage or in foster care, because the report talks about her nanny and her foster mother. It could be something that was lost in the translation. I guess we'll find out when we get her.

So, since Friday at 3PM, my brain has basically been invaded by a very soft, very sweet pink fog that just won't go away. Hence the lack of blogging in the last few days, because all I could think about was:

-I'm a mom!
-She's so cute!
-She'll have a great dad... :o)
-How did we get so lucky?
-She's gorgeous!
-Yes, this is her.
-I'm a mom...
-When do we get her again?
-What do you mean, more paperwork?...
-She is definitely the cutest, no contest here.
-Oh my God, I'm a mom!!!
-Where is she? I haven't seen her in 10 minutes!
-We're going to China!
-Should start packing...
-My baby!!!!!
-How much has she grown?
-She is just too cute!

Yadayadayada, etc, etc, etc...

I'm sure it gets boring if you're not me.

Soooooo... Can't work, can't think, can't really function with any efficiency whatsoever. It's taking me a huge amount of energy to work for 15 minutes straight, and it's not because of lack of things to do. I have a million things to finish before I leave, but all of a sudden, nothing but my baby seems important anymore. My job has always been so important to me, such a big part of my life, but now, I just want to go and get that baby and bring her back and give her time and love and care and support and whatever else she might need to grow up as a healthy child and adult who can change things for the better.

Funny how your whole sense of reality, and of what really matters, can change so quickly, even if you have been waiting for so long...

OK, off to look at some pictures! :o)))

3 commentaires:

mortimersmom a dit…

I'm back, so now I can properly gush and tell you how freaking cute she is! LOVE the pictures. Can't wait to meet her in person!

Susie & Gordie a dit…

Welcome back! I was starting to worry about you! Guess what? You're a mom!!

Red a dit…

You guys are too funny! Yes, she's freaking cute (I join both your "cute kids' clubs! Yay!), and yes, I'm a mom!"Kodak paper" mom for now, but mom! :o)