Up until tonight, I had never quite realized what a joy it is to talk with adults! After the week we've just had, and the last 3 months of my world revolving around the most amazing little girl, it was like a breath of fresh air to go out tonight, and have dinner with some good friends! S understood how much I needed the change of scenery, how much I craved that kind of conversation, and he took care of Yummy during the whole dinner. I was free to talk, laugh, and drink, knowing The Best Husband was taking care of me by taking care of our daughter. And would drive both of us home safely.

I'm going to sleep tonight a happy, thankful (and slightly drunk) woman.

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Gen, Eric & Kyle a dit…

Oh I can relate!!! Way to go Seb...By the way, I am off work now so if you want to set up a play date with Marianne and Kyle I am there!!