I'm still alive...

The last 10 days are kind of a blur: having had to work during the few "off" moments of the day, that doesn't leave much time for blogging! Especially when the little one can't resist coming over and touching the keys as soon a she sees the laptop open, having desperate and angry fits if I take it away from her...

She's napping now (YAY!), and I'm happy to report that we have a new record: 4 good nights in a row! Oh, a few wakings here and there, a few typical crisis at naptime or bedtime, but no 2-hour rave in the middle of the night. Bye-bye guest bed by her room, helloooo bedroom monitor! And after 4 months, helloooo sleeping in the same bed as my husband again! :o)

What did we do to get there? Not so much, really. Or maybe enough, I don't know. The one big change has been the lullabies softly playing non-stop in her room during sleep, a real effort at trying to keep a nap and sleep schedule, and lots and lots of floor time with her during the day (hence no blogging...).

I can now see myself soon finally able to think and talk about something else than sleep! It had gotten so bad for me, I was anxious right from the morning when I knew it was my turn to do the night. Anxious and inadequate and tired and depressed... and boring. After a particularly bad night last week, when I ended crying more than Yummy, S took over the night watch and gave me several nights of rest in a row. Oh, the healing power of sleep! And the healing power of a great husband... I seriously don't know how single women do it. And I can't believe I was naive enough to briefly consider doing this on my own some time before I met S!

We know we're not our of the woods yet, but hope is back in our lives! I can very well live with 1-2 short wakings a night.

Oh, and somebody has been having too much fun in the staircase, and earned herself a nice fence this week. She's obviously not too thrilled about the prize... ;o)

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Susie & Gordie a dit…

Poor Yummy! She doesn't look to pleased with the new contraption.

Mutha Mae a dit…

So how is it going?

I can totally relate to the anxious feelings, the depression, the being obsessed with sleep. That's how I was with Miss Boo and I ended up getting postpartum depression. Lack of sleep does horrible things to a person! I also have a husband who looks out for me and makes sure I remain sane. What would we do without those guys??

Just letting you know what you have gone through is perfectly normal. And the next time someone says, "Well my child sleeps 10 hours straight all night AND takes four hour long naps during the day without any problems" it's ok if you want to deck them right in the face. If it hasn't happened yet, it will.

Hope you are doing better!

Kikilia a dit…

So glad the sleep issues are getting better.

And I love that picture. Her expression is priceless.

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