Wanna know what jetlag looks like?...

It looks like this:

S is peacefully sleeping, I got the night shift... Yummy woke up at about midnight, without any intention of falling back asleep. As I was rocking her, trying to stay quiet, hoping against all odds that she would go back to sleep, she started putting on a show, tentatively smiling, clapping her hands trying to get me to react... She won, hands down. As soon as I cracked a smile, she got all excited and active, and here she is now, playing on her own as long as I'm within eyesight.

My first reaction was "oh please, sleep, baby, sleep!". Then, I realized that moments like this would never come back, the sweet intimacy of the middle of the night, with this gorgeous baby trying to engage and play with me. She'll be growing too fast, she'll want independance too soon, and right now, she's just a big ball of cuteness.

So, I'll be lacking sleep, but I won't be lacking love. Not a bad deal... :o)


Here are some more pictures from the last few days, that I couldn't post earlier:

Waiting for the plane in Beijing

At home, discovering her basket of toys...

S blowing in her face: she finds this hysterical! :o)

Mommy passed out at 2 AM...

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Scott Robert Lim a dit…

wow, congrats!!! she is so cute and very happy little girl. I know you and your husband must be overwhelmed with joy! Our family rejoices with you!! Glad you made it back alright.