Back home!

Back home, and slowly recovering...

the trip home went really really well, with flight attendants who made sure every adoptive family had lots of space on the plane, which thankfully wasn't full. We ended up with a whole row to ourselves, 4 seats!!! It was almost like flying home in our living room. They gave us plenty of wine, and Yummy slept for about 8 hours, with the usual hourly short cry for comfort. I must say, the 13 hours went by quite quickly, much to our surprise. We missed our connection in Toronto (which we almost expected, since the agency had booked us a flight 1h15 hour after arrival...), but Air Canada was great about it, and moved people from the 9 o'clock flight too the 8 o'clock flight in roder to put us all in the 9 o'clock one. It worked, and we finally got home to my family and some graet friends waiting for us at the airport. Yummy was in a fantastic mood, as she slept the whole flight from Toronto to Montreal.

When we got home, we were starving, so we ordered pizza at 1 in the morning, while Yummy had some chicken and broccoli that my mom had left in the fridge, along with all kinds of foods and goodies. Yay mom!!! The pizza delivery guy looked quite puzzled when he saw a Chinese baby eating at our table at 1h30 in the morning! ;o)

Today was unpacking, laundry (oh, the joy of a washing machine and drinkable water from the tap!!!), and then my in-laws came over in the afternoon and for a sushi supper. We managed to wake Yummy up (actually just picked her up and talked to her when she whined for comfort, which she still does evey 1-2 hours...), and are hoping (delusional???) that we can switch her to Montreal time very soon.

We put her down in the living room and she played by herself for a few minutes this morning, and as we were cleaning the place up, we suddenly looked at her back, and realized there was a baby in here! There was a "what have we done" moment, and then she whined for one of us to come over... She actually started to cry for me specifically to pick her up today. Feels sweet... :o)

For those of you still waiting, I'll come back and write more about what we did, brought and chose for the trip that made a big difference for us.

OK, got to sleep now... Sorry for the no picture post: Blogger won't let me add them tonight... :o(((

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Michelle & John a dit…

Glad to hear that you are all home safely! I'll look forward to your post about what to pack/not pack for the trip! I am working on our lists already!