Pictures from September

Waaaayyyy back in August, once we got the proposal for Yummy, we used Blessed Kids to send a care package to the orphanage, which contained some candies for the nannies, a fleece blanket (the red one in many of the pictures from China...), a panda bear, and 2 disposable cameras.

Believe it or not, I had completely forgot about it all on the day we got Yummy! It was about half an hour after we got her that the orphanage director came to me and gave me back the cameras. Good thing he was more on top of things than I was! The nannies then gave us back the panda bear and the blanket. For a reason I can't remember, we eventually put that blanket in Yummy's crib in China, and she slept on it. It might have made the transition to the hotel in Beijing easier. We then decided to use it here too, and to this day, she is still sleeping on it.

We finally got around to get the films developped this week, and got back some very special pictures, over 70 of them. We realized that she has probably been sharing her room and nanny with a little girl who was adopted by a couple in our group, as well as another precious one who was adopted this week by an American couple. Somehow, I'm much more protective of these pictures than I was of the ones we took in China... But because you guys have been such faithful readers, I'll share a few! :o)

With the lady we think must have been her nanny

In what must have been her crib, with the panda and the blanket we got back

Walker derby!

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Susie & Gordie a dit…
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Susie & Gordie a dit…

I, too, just went gaga over the pictures we got from our disposable camera. And our orphanage was nice enough to have made us an additional album as a parting gift. But we did not get our blanket and toys back :(

Anne D a dit…

Wow - I love reading your messages and seeing your beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for sharing. We live in Wellington New Zealand and have a very long wait ahead of us(LID Oct 06). We have two panda bears sitting ready and also waiting - one to send to our little one and another to bring with us when we go to China. Seeing Yummy with her panda at the orphanage has us almost in tears, but in the most beautiful way.

We don't have a site, and this is my first ever comment to someone else's, so hope it works. Really just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing and to wish you and your family wonderful times!

Nat a dit…

Anne, hang in there, your turn will come! The wait is indeed pretty awful, but the reward is sooooo amazing! Thank you for your comment!