Busy busy

Man, this little girl is keeping us busy! The days fly by, and I realize it's been ages since I posted... Thankfully, jetlag now seems to be a thing of the past. Yay! We are slowly getting into a rythm here, as much as we can with all kinds of visits and visitors in the last few days. Yummy is taking it all in stride, being social and at the same time promptly coming back to either one of us for comfort. Two nights ago, we've had one quite terrible episode of night terror, which traumatized Mummy more than Yummy... I know it's all part of the deal, so we learn together, each new step.

Each day brings something new, a new skill, a new cute ability, a new discovery. It's one curious child we've got! She wants to get into everything, notices new stuff, already has favorite toys, and takes her time exploring and discovering whatever interests her. We can literaly watch her think and figure things out.

The girl also eats! But don't insult her with purees or fruits: she'll make the cutest grimace ever, or simply gag if we insist. We don't... She likes meat, some veggies (broccoli!), egg yolks, toasts, and milk. Oh, the milk... every 2-3 hours, a bottle is loudly demanded, except at night, as she slept for 9 hours without a bottle last night!

The funniest thing is when Dad feeds her: lots of action and narration! As in "Chicken! Chicken! Chicken! Lots of fiber in chicken! Muscle fiber!" I just sat there, laughed and took pictures. Notice the chopstick action...

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