48 hours to go, and the suitcase is too big...


Over a year and a half ago, when we didn't know better and thought that The Wait might only be a year (mouhahahahaha!!!), we bought two nice suitcases for the trip. In July of this year, they have increased the fees for overweight/oversized luggage, and one of our suitcases is over the size limit by 4 inches, and that's if there's absolutely no buldge. Don't know about weight yet... Now, if the agent at the gate is going for Employee of the Month and gets the measuring tape out, we could be fined 140$ each way. Yuck. That's more than the price of a good suitcase at The Bay, since they always have something on sale at 60% off.

All is not lost: we have a plan! We'll go back to the store tonight, explain our situation and the new luggage rules. And beg. With the picture strategically placed on the counter. Who could resist, right?... Right???...

OK, back too the endless list of things still to do. How come there are still so many details to take care of??? It's like we are leaving for a year!

And last week-end, toughtfull friends gave us a gift certificate to a really cool restaurant, for a last date night Before-Baby. Or rather, Before-Baby-Is-Ready-For-A-Babysitter... We're going tonight! :o)


Sad note of the week: it looks like the CCAA has sent referrals for the month, but again, they only covered a few days... It will have taken them 6 months to refer babies to all those who were logged in November 2005!!! That is just awful. I feel so sad for all those people still waiting, especially for those who, even considering the recent very slow rythm, were reasonably hoping for a referral this month and didn't get it. Rumour has it that they have matched families and babies further along, but for some reason, are not sending the referrals. If you are still waiting, please know that I'm thinking about all of you, and really really hoping that you see light very soon at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

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