Well, for the past few days, it feels like the countdown as really started, and there is no going back! We've started the series of "last ... before baby": last lazy Saturday morning reading the paper for 2 hours, last dinner with friends making as much noise as late as we wanted, last date-night planning without worrying about getting a babysitter (we have caring friends who gave us a gift certificate to a great restaurant to be used before we leave! :o), last time we leave the dishwasher open to air-dry the dishes...

Can't wait to discover all those "Firsts" we'll start to experience in a few days!!!

I've been so busy the last few weeks that I can't imagine how we would have made it if the TA's had come early enough for us to leave on September 14. We would have made it, I know, but the stress level would probably have been up the roof, and we would have left exhausted. Now, all the big stuff is done and taken care of, and we basically just have to get a few more things for the baby, update the iPods, and pack our own stuff. Hey, I might even enjoy a bit of real vacation during this vacation week!

Oh, and we finished Yummy's room! Let's just hope she'll sleep in it... ;o)

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gen a dit…

What a beautiful room for your daughter...If she won't sleep in it at first make sure to cherish all those late night snuggles and cuddles in your bed because I can guarantee that one day out of the blue you are going to want to snuggle and she is going to want to sleep on her own..
I am really excited for the two of you....BON VOYAGE!!!

Beverly a dit…

beautiful room.