There's hope!

Big suitcase = baby stuff.
Smaller (but really cool, with 4 wheels...) suitcase = our stuff.

No baby quite yet, and already giving up space... Helloooooo, parenthood! How come we were never able to travel so light before??? Oh yeah, skis and boots and helmets and shovels and stuff... forgot about that...

Just a few more things left to do (YAY!!!), then we can have pizza, some wine, and go to bed before midnight!

OK, I'll be back before we leave..

A special thank you to Mary, who put things back into perspective while I was having a slight moment very much ressembling the first stages of a panic attack earlier this afternoon... Imagining that parking scene saved me! ;o)

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mortimersmom a dit…

well, you had to have a minor freak out at some point. it's part of the adoption labor.