From Nanchang!

Well, THAT was a looong day of travelling yesterday! And the day before, because somewhere along the way, a day kind of disappeared, or it felt like it. The long flight here wasn't half as bad as we thought it would be. It actually went really well!The plane was brand new, and we had individual TV's with touch programming. Fun!

I ended up spending more time with my iPod anyway: Mortimer'S Mom gave me "Top Chef" before I left, and I'm now completely addicted!!!

So, we're in China, and it feels amazing! Finally, we are here, and can barely believe it! The hotel is absolutely luxurious, we walked in to find a crib, a stroller and a baby bath.No more denial now! :o)

We are getting the babies Monday at around 11 AM. And now, we are off to explore a bit on our own, before we go to Wal-Mart for some last minute shopping this afternoon, and a visit to a budhist temple. With a group of 26 plus our (amazingly nice and fun!) guide, we rented a bus! ;o)

I'll post some pictures later tonight.

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Mutha a dit…

Your posts are helping me stay positive for the next few days, so keep posting!! LOL. Ok, not just for me... but hey, it's so great to hear you are there safely and had a good flight. Sounds like it was so much nicer than ours. Our TV screen was 20 aisles ahead in the middle of the plane. We were last row, and people were always standing behind us talking. No sleep for us! I cannot believe you are in Nanchang. I am so jealous! Cannot wait to read more.