Well, we've made it a bit over 48 hours as new parents, and the baby is still breathing. Yay!
And we finalized everything Tuesday morning: she is now officially ours!!!

First of all, thank you all: it felt so good to read all your words! And for those of you still waiting, hang in there!!! It is definitely the trip of a lifetime.

Yummy is doing fairly good, considering what she is going through. She is still grieving though, and still hasn't opened up to us as much as we know she eventually will. We've had lots of occasions to bond over the first night... we bonded at midnight... we bonded at 1AM... we bonded at 2 AM... we bonded at 3AM...at 4AM... at 5AM... The girl was on a party roll!!! She would wake up crying, sometimes to be reassured, sometimes because she was hungry (3 bottles in all!), and we figured out after a while sometimes because she is teething. After a few episodes, we would just lie back in bed, with our eyes wide open, and wait for the next call... At around 5, I finally decided to get some help: Tempra and Orajel. 20 minutes later: peace, quiet, and smiles! Hurrah!!! We finally got to sleep, but had to wake her up at 7AM because there were appointments this morning. Helloooooo, parenthood!

The second night was a bit better, but not by much. We're crossing our fingers for tonight, not that she doesn't wake up, but that we actually do, because we are exhausted. Totally happy, but exhausted...

Our girl seems to have decided that Daddy was the good guy: as much as I read about it, and totally understand the deal and what is happening, and that it is only temporary (thank you so much Mortimer'S Mom, for reminding me before we left!!!), I must admit, it is not easy... Mix that with the lack of sleep, the overload of emotions of the last few days: the overhang from that cocktail is pretty brutal! But S and I have a great team here, and have been dealing with everything really well overall. And watching him embrace daddyhood with such passion is a gift in itself!

And, for those who have BTDT, she has pooped 6 times already! We're now the envy of our group... ;o)

Finally, the important stuff:

At breakfast the first morning

At the police station, for the passport picture

After her first bath. We don't like baths...

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Beverly a dit…

It is very hard when your child seems to reject you. Mine did too for my dad who traveled with me. It will get better be patient with yourself as well as her. She is beautiful, the grief is hard to hear but necessary, as you know.


Shannon a dit…

Every day will get just a little bit better.
ps - we've been home almost 8 months and we still get 3:30 am wake-up calls.

Figlet a dit…

Congratulations!! And for what it's worth, our girl was a wreck. She cried the most of all the babies in our group. And hated the bath. I bathed her in the hotel sink, which she warmed up to after a few days, and then at home in the kitchen sink for at least a month or two. These days she does laps in the bathtub.

And congratulations on two days of keeping your child breathing. It only gets better!!