After a 40 hour-week crammed in 3 and a half days, my vacation started this morning! I'm finally off! Yay!!! No need to be back at work for a year! I love my job, but I have the most difficult boss ever...

I'm not kidding... She decided to evaluate me without my knowledge and on my last day of work, put the report on my desk 10 minutes after I gave her my list of goals (the ones she had first chosen for me were to be done around March 2008: helloooo? I'll be gone!!!) and created events and dates that were just about all false and wrong to put me into, let's say, a less than flattering light... If I needed any other reason to look forward to leaving, I got it big time!

Still, I was in a great mood when we finally got home at around 8PM, and celebrated with more than my share of wine... oh, the headache this morning... Happy headache, despite a 13 hour night sleep (the last one for the next 20 years, I bet...) but where are those Advil?...

So, off to a week-end of celebrations: my birthday is Monday! Dinners every night until then, and mucho wine on the program before our "flight labor" starts next Friday!



On another note, I want to say hi to all those readers from all over the world: cool!
I just noticed a bunch of new little red dots on the map on the right side of this blog: hello friends!

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Beverly a dit…

Happy Birthday to you on Monday. Celebrate all weekend!

Mutha a dit…

Alright, I'm confused. I don't think I've read enough posts on RQ to figure this out. You finalize the adoption in Beijing? I thought everyone had to go through Guangzhou. Please explain this to me because I'm confused. I thought I knew all there was to know about China adoptions. Sheez, I'm still learning! Thanks!

gen a dit…

Oh my god...sooooo exciting!!! Happy Birthday!