Upon seeing the packing picture last night, S commented:

-What? We have that much stuff???

Yes, sweetheart, man of my life.
I guess you haven't looked at your credit card statement lately... or taken a look at the upstair's room!

(And by the way, NOT EVERYTHING is coming to China!!!)

5 commentaires:

Susie & Gordie a dit…

You were much nicer to your man than I was to mine!

Nat a dit…

LOL!!! But to his credit, my man is taking care of all the paperwork! I'd much rather handle cute clothes anyway... :o)

mortimersmom a dit…

Paperwork? what paperwork? there's paperwork???? ha!!! give him a tip: he can scan everything and zip it, then hide the link on your blog. if something goes amiss, he can download it easily from china....

Research-China.Org a dit…

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Have a safe trip!


S a dit…

Thanks for the tip MM! Got to admit, that being the computer geak that I am, the idea had crossed my mind already ;o)