OK... *cough cough*... Let's start this...

Well, finally, after reading some amazing blogs from some amazing women for months and months, I took a deep breath and started to write. Oh boy, so intimidating!

Why Red?

Because of my hair.
Because of China.
Because I blush so easily.
Because it's fun.
Because of my favorite wine.
Because I had to find a name, and it's the first one that came to mind.

In a few days, we will have been waiting for 20 months after submitting our dossier to China. TWENTY MONTHS!!! And I know that still, we'll be luckier than those who come after us, because The Wait keeps increasing and increasing every month. Oh, The Wait... I still remember that phone call from our sponsor, a lifetime ago, confirming our LID date: the wait back then was 9 months, and he told me that things didn't look so good, and it might go up to a year. I thought to myself that I could take a year, but no more than that! Well, here we are, almost 2 years later, and still no baby...

But we might be next: they only have to cover 7 days of LID's to make it to us! And I'm allowing myself to get excited this month, because I don't want to miss out on a whole month of excitement and anticipation, a whole month of permanent happy high with the knowledge that it's finally our turn, that this whole adventure is actually quite real and just about to begin. And if we don't make the cut-off this time? I'll cry for a day, drink some good wine, and then I'll get excited again, because we'll be next for sure!

So I want to go back to those blogs I mentionned at the beginning...

During The Wait, googling "china adoption" over and over again, I discovered a whole world I didn't know about: blogging moms, and blogging adoptive moms! The honesty, the generosity, the humor, the support I discovered just blew my mind, and held me together when I tought that it would never happen. I've learned so much from these women, most of whom I don't know. If, by writing myself, I can give back just a tiny fraction of all I gained, I'll be a happy blogger! :o)

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