Denzel saves the day

A friend once told me that once you have children, you never sleep as peacefully anymore, always worrying about them, about their well being, about you, about your parenting skills (or lack of said skills...;o), and about a million other things that I can't yet imagine. Even though years ago I decided that fear would not be a part of my life, deep down, I know she was right and some of it will come back the minute we get our referral: is she fine right now? Is there someone to hold her when she cries? when she's afraid? when she hurts?... Does she get enough to eat? Has she seen the sun? Does she ever get to leave her crib and play?...

It just hit me (20 months later... yeah, I'm a bit slow...) that we might be down to our very last peaceful evenings without worries, without feeling responsible for another human being, without beeing interrupted every 2 seconds by something really cute or really stinky. Might as well enjoy it!

So last night, we ordered the monthly sushi feast, opened the wine, and spent the evening with Denzel. Remember how I said that I couldn't think of anything but the next batch of referrals? Well, Denzel saved the day!

Fun movie, with a story line twisted enough to take your mind off from anything that's been invading it! And he does look good in it. Yup, he does.

Thank you Denzel. And I'm really really sorry about that brief moment when my mind wandered just a tiny bit, and for that oh so brief moment, you had pigtails with pink ribbons. Not very manly, I know...

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gen a dit…

I almost cried when I read the part about your little girl having someone to hold her when she cries...Ouf, le coeur d'une maman!!! It is true you will be worried and your heart will feel things you could never imagine-but the LOVE it so extraordinary!! You will get up every time she cries no questions asked-you will change her diaper-play with her when you are exhausted and your heart will melt with every smile...She is waiting for you and will be in your arms soon...I am glad Denzel saved the day though..I loved that movie!!! Bonne Soiree!!!
P.S. Thanks for inviting me to see your blog!! It is so well written..